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Dogs Throughout History

by Lethe Nan 29 Jan 2024

Dogs In History's Spotlight!

This is a historical journey as we shine a spotlight on the roles that dogs have played throughout different eras. Below we provide information of the contribution of our four legged companions throughout ages.

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From Egypt to Rome:

In ancient times, dogs were revered in Egypt for their loyalty and protective qualities. Meanwhile, in Rome, they served both practical and symbolic roles, playing a significant part in the daily lives of the citizens.

Medieval Hounds:

Dogs in the medieval era took on diverse roles, from hunting companions for nobility to guardians of castles. Their versatility made them indispensable in various aspects of medieval life.

Renaissance Lapdogs:

As the Renaissance unfolded, lapdogs became fashionable among the aristocracy. We can find their portrayal in art and their place as status symbols among the elite.

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Dogs in Warfare:

Dogs have been steadfast companions in times of war, serving as messengers in World War I and as search and rescue heroes in modern conflicts. Their bravery and loyalty on the battlefield are awe-inspiring.

Dogs at Royal Courts:

Royal courts in Europe had a penchant for dogs, each monarch favoring specific breeds. We'll delve into how dogs became integral to courtly life, leaving an indelible mark on royal culture.

Colonial Dogs:

During the age of exploration, dogs accompanied explorers, settlers, and traders, adapting to new environments and contributing to the formation of new societies.

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Industrial Revolution Dogs:

The Industrial Revolution saw dogs working alongside laborers in factories and adapting to urban landscapes. Their roles shifted, reflecting the changes brought about by industrialization.

Dogs in Modern Times:

In the 20th century and beyond, dogs continued to serve crucial roles. From their wartime contributions to becoming guide dogs for the visually impaired and versatile companions in contemporary society, their impact endures.


We here revealed the rich and varied history of our loyal companions. From ancient civilizations to the modern era, dogs have woven themselves into the fabric of human history, leaving an indelible legacy. Stay tuned for more historical insights in our upcoming editions.

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